What Could Be The Best Hair Dryer For Hairstylists?

With the trend nowadays where almost everyone goes to the salon to get their hair done, it cannot be denied that some people also want to have the salon-like styled hair even if they did not go to the salon. The only problem is some people do not know what hairstylists use.

Many top Salons all over the world would recommend different hair dryers that sometimes it would confuse the people. To find the best hair dryer for hairstylists, we need to have the basic knowledge of the different types of hairdryers before spending good money to achieve such salon-styled hair.

3 Types of Hair Dryer According to their Heating Element


Tourmaline is a type element which goes together with other heating elements. This is used in hair a dryer which is believed to help release ions from the hair that will help it look silkier and less dry. To get more detailed info on best scalp massage brush for hair growth, visit on hyperlinked site.


This is another type of heating element which provides heat faster. For fast hair drying, hairstylists are also known to use this. Aside from the fast drying of the hair, it helps protect the hair from damage starting from its follicles.

Titanium Iron

This is another type of hair dryer that provides high heat that is why it is not advisable to be used for hair which is thin in nature and is easily damaged. It is known for its fast drying feature but some hairs are not compatible with such since it slowly damages each hair strand.

Not only must we be familiar with the type but we must also understand which type works well with the type of our hair.

Another thing to consider is the design of the hairdryer which includes the handle, the wire, and the nozzle which can greatly affect how we use it.