The Right Way To Wear Gothic Clothing

We see some people wear something dark and wild-looking that you tend to judge them by their looks. This is actually a fashion trend that can look nice and elegant if you know how to style it. Gothic fashion is very unique and not everyone can carry this great look. If you are interested in trying this trendy clothing style, let me give you some tips so that it will not look like you are overdoing it. If you want to get more details about emo occult fashion, you may visit on gothshop.

Wear black but not so much

Most of the gothic fashionistas wear lots of black at once and that is why they not look pleasing at all. They are those that are getting bashed because what they wear do not actually good with them. For you not to be judged by what you wear, please make sure that you do not wear lots of black. You should match black with other darker shades like plum, darker grey, charcoals, and burgundy. You can also add bloody red on your fashion combination so you can stand out and look elegant.

Choose the right accessories

Fashion is not all clothing so you must also plan what accessories to wear to match your gothic clothing. For a more gothic look, you should wear silver and not gold. You may use gold but it should look like an antique accessory and not the shining one. You can use long chains and accessories with spikes to achieve the best look.

Make sure to wear boots

To really complete your gothic fashion look, you need to wear stylish boots. The best boots to wear are the ones that is knee-high. It should be black or dark-colored and must be made of leather. There are boots that are made with zippers, metals, and buckles so you should prefer those kinds if you really want to achieve the perfect gothic fashion sense.