Pros & Cons of Materials Used in Custom Water Bottles

It can be a very overwhelming feeling for the company when they select the right customizing water bottles for their marketing campaign.


  1. Plastic custom water bottles are by far the most popular option as it is versatile and budget-conscious.
  2. Pros of using plastic as a material for a custom water bottle:
  • Plastic as a material to be used can be a good option for those who are low on budget or those who have a specific budget or for non-profit organizations, schools, etc.
  • Plastic custom water bottles are malleable so they can be kicked, dropped, thrown, or stepped on without having a reason, and it won’t break, and kids use to love them.

Stainless Steel

  1. Stainless steel custom water bottles are durable and endlessly reusable, and they have a long life and high staying power.
  2. Pros of using stainless steel as a material:
  • You can trust completely the custom water bottle made of stainless steel as there is nothing tougher than the steel, and they are made to last very long even with heavy use and regular use.
  • Stainless steel custom water bottles make for great and excellent customer appreciation gifts, and they have a high quality and a universal appeal.


  1. Aluminum custom water bottles are quite trendy and practical to use, and they have a long-lasting life.
  • Pros of using aluminum as a material forcustom water bottles:
  • In comparison to stainless steel custom water bottles, the Aluminum custom water bottles are an affordable option. Get more interesting details about custom water bottles on
  • Aluminum custom water bottles are convenient to use, and they are pretty lightweight, and you can clip them on the backpacks as they often include carabineer.


  1. Glass custom water bottles with logos on them are highly regarded and considered sophisticated and upscale.
  2. Pros of using glass as a material for custom water bottles:
  • You can use glass custom water bottles with as many different drinks as you would like because they do not have a taste transfer.
  • A natural and chemical-free process is used to manufacture glass custom water bottles, which is harmless.